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SPIRE stands for Scottish Primary Care Information Resource.

It enables the extraction of small amounts of anonymised data from GP practices' clinical systems.  It will analyse data and monitor the health of the population to help create an effective strategy for health and social care services.  It will also help researchers learn more from patient information held at GP practices.

 It has to be stressed that all information is extracted in a confidential and secure way.

A four week campaign, involving radio, press and digital advertising, will run from 7-31 March 2017.  Data extraction is not scheduled to commence until May 2017 at the earliest. This timeframe will allow patients time to find out about SPIRE and to opt out of their data being extracted if they wish.

To find out more about SPIRE, please visit .

If, after reading the information there, you wish to opt out, you are requested to use the form available on the SPIRE website and hand this in to the practice or call in at reception to obtain an opt out form.  A code will then be added to your notes which will prevent the extraction of any data.

If you later change your mind you can contact the practice in writing and a subsequent code can be added to your record to allow the extraction to take place.