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Waverley Park Medical Practice provides minor surgery for both NHS and private patients across Glasgow.

We specialise in skin surgery (excision of skin cysts, naevi, lipomas, skin tumours, and large skin tags) and toenail extractions. 

Minor surgery is performed to remove a lesion or make a diagnosis. This is done using a local anaesthetic which only numbs the skin and does not cause drowsiness. The whole procedure normally takes 30-60mins.

minor surgery


The doctor will explain exactly what he/she is going to do and will ask you to sign a consent form. The local anaesthetic injection is slightly uncomfortable but eases quickly. Thereafter you should not experience any discomfort. On most occasions a few stitches will be required.


At the time of surgery we will tell you about where and when any stitches can be removed: the practice nurse can do this for you. If stitches are put in they will normally need to be removed 7 days later.


The tissue removed will be sent to the Pathology Department of the Southern General Hospital for further examination. The results are usually available within 30 days. These results will be sent back to the surgery. You should telephone your own surgery one month after your procedure (after 2pm) to learn what to do next.


In order to prevent problems or delay, you must tell the doctor as soon as possible if:

  • you have ever had a bad reaction to local anaesthetic, or any other medication
  • you have a heart pacemaker
  • you have a heart valve problem
  • you have any bleeding tendency, such as haemophilia
  • you take warfarin or other drugs to thin the blood including aspirin.
  • you have any chronic infection Eg Hepatitis, HIV. 

ASPIRIN/CLOPIDOGREL is used to thin the blood slightly and this can make doing a biopsy more difficult. Usually we ask that patients DO NOT take aspirin/clopidogrel for the WEEK PRIOR to the biopsy. The doctor ordering the biopsy should discuss this with you. 

Please bring all your medications with you.


Usually the procedure will not directly affect your driving unless dressings need to be applied to the eye, or the lesion biopsied is on the hands or feet. However, it is a good idea to bring a companion, especially if you feel anxious about the procedure.


You should avoid alcohol for 24hrs after surgery.


Severe pain is unusual following minor skin surgery and simple painkillers such as paracetamol are best. Avoid aspirin which may increase the risk of bleeding.


If you find that the wound starts to bleed again some hours after surgery you can apply sustained pressure with a tissue, clean cloth or handkerchief for at least 20 minutes. If it continues to bleed, cold compresses (like a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a cloth) may help.


If the wound becomes increasingly red, inflamed, tender or discharges it may be infected. It is important to contact us or your own GP incase you require an antibiotic.


If the wound opens up before or after removal of stitches, contact us to have the wound checked.


Small scars are inevitable following surgery, but in some areas, particularly the upper arms, back and chest, unsightly thickened scars (keloid scars) are more likely to occur. 


Minor skin nerves are sometimes damaged during surgery, leading to altered sensations or numbness. Usually the sensation gradually returns to normal.


We are able to offer a private minor surgical service for the same skin lesions. This service is often used by people requesting removal of a skin lesion for cosmetic reasons as this is no longer allowed on the NHS. If you are interested in this service please contact our practice receptionists on 0141 632 8883 and they will advise you regarding the fees and procedure, alternatively your GP can refer you. We offer very competitive rates. Please contact the surgery on 0141 632 8883 for a Private Minor Surgery Referral Form.